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We are determined to make a positive difference to the region and communities we serve, and have decided to measure our performance through a Community Perception ODI. A new survey was introduced in 2015/16, using a mix of face-to-face and online interviews.

The first year's result suggested 56 per cent of respondents believe we do care for the communities we serve, and this therefore became the baseline for future years. We have committed to increase this to 60 per cent by 2019/20, as a rise of four per cent would be statistically significant.

People are asked whether they agree that Anglian Water cares about the communities that it serves. They are then told about the company's community projects and charitable work before being asked the same question again.

There is a significant rise in the number of people who agree Anglian Water cares for the communities it serves once they have been given the extra information. Only their initial answer is used for the ODI, however. We use the informed measure to better understand which activities customers think are positive and what we can do to improve the score.

Following a slight dip in 2016/17 our score is on an upward trajectory; for 2018/19 it is 57%.