delighted customers

SIM score increased to 90
96% of customers who contacted us satisfied or better with the service we have provided them
Challenging customer service training delivered as part of Make Today Great programme

We have a strong record of delivering a leading customer experience, but we always strive to do more. We currently hold the top spot for customer service for the second year running in Ofwat’s qualitative survey, which is based on ratings from customers who contacted us throughout the year. Together with our quantitative performance, which looks at the number of unwanted customer contacts, we have a SIM score of 90 out of 100.

Our own internal survey of customer satisfaction gathered opinions from over 100,000 people who contacted us with an account query. Ninety-six per cent said they were either satisfied or better with the service they received from us – a great result but one that also means there’s room to do even better.

We also measure our performance through our membership of the Institute of Customer Service. Its annual Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) measures people’s recent experiences of customer service across 13 different business sectors. Our score for 2018/19 is 75.5%, slightly down on 2017/18’s 77.5% score, and placing us at 14th out of 28 utility companies surveyed. We will continue to learn from the experiences of other pioneering industries to ensure we can comfortably and consistently achieve upper quartile performance in the future.

This year we have driven a customer service transformation programme across our business that has seen us review and redesign our processes and communications to ensure we’re delivering the service our customers want and need.

Outcomes of this review include increasing our use of two-way SMS communication to engage with our customers, and we have also further developed our online billing platform, MyAccount. Among many other helpful improvements, our customers can now update their address and switch to a meter at the click of a button. We’ve seen the use of this platform increase, with over 30,000 customer interactions every week.

Driving developments in technology is key to delivering an excellent service for our customers, but it’s only part of the story. We’ve also been working with all our frontline staff on an internal initiative called Make Today Great, the aim of which is to help make life better for our customers, every single day. We’ve taken our front-line staff through challenging customer service training and made changes to our internal processes with the sole purpose of ensuring everyone at Anglian Water is empowered to do what they can to make an individual customer’s day better.

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