water quality contacts

water quality contacts

mean zonal compliance

mean zonal compliance
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Water quality

The number of contacts we receive from customers about the appearance, taste and odour of their water has stayed at a record low of 1.38 per thousand people for the second year running.

Our success was due to a continued focus on supporting customers through social media and reacting to every cluster (two or more complaints) in order to solve any issues quickly. This is also one of our ODIs, with an even tougher target of 1.23 contacts per thousand customers next year.

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mean zonal

Mean Zonal Compliance is the key measure used by the DWI to determine compliance with the stringent regulatory drinking water standards for England and Wales. Our water is thoroughly sampled and tested for a wide range of different chemicals and substances, from lead and pesticides to micro-organisms. The results from 39 key parameters make up our MZC.

It is also one of our ODIs, with a target for this year of 99.95%. For the second year in a row, we achieved 99.97%, the highest level for nine years. This is due to many different initiatives, including our ongoing Keep Water Healthy campaign, investment in new equipment at our water treatment works to protect people against lead from their old domestic pipework, and our work with agriculture to reduce levels of pesticides in rivers and reservoirs.